Tuesday, June 28, 2011

rise & shine

...the wild animals of the wheeler house are awake...and have been since 6a. every.single.one.of.them.
we have a rule over here...mommy & daddy are not on duty until 7a (ok, who are we kidding...let's make that 8a). we will get up & make everyone breakfast & put on a movie/or cartoons...but, then we get back in bed. you are only to call us if it is an EMERGENCY. meaning that you are bleeding from your eyes or about to lose a limb. let's review the emergencies du jour:
6:15a: brown shrieking & howling from the other room. i am just sure that mary frances must be choking. i come running in...
me: "what's the matter?!!!"...
brown: "sayers & i want to hear DIRTY BIT on the computer"....
me: "that is NOT an emergency. i will put it on...but, do NOT call me again unless something terrible is happening."

6:21a: brown yelling like a banshee. i think to myself, "sayers must have pooped on the floor again"...i come running in.
brown: "mommy, emma & i were just talking about which animals smell. do you know if chinchillas smell? what about sheep? can we get a pet chinchilla or pet sheep?"
me: "yes. now leave me alone...i am going back to bed!!"

6:37a: brown FREAKING OUT. he probably wants DIRTY BIT on repeat or he has decided he wants a pet lemur. but, i run in anyway...
brown: "mommy! guess what?"
me: "urrghhh what?"
brown" "mary frances thinks it is SO funny when i LICK her feet!"....

i need a nap.


  1. Sounds like Brownie is the common denominator in these stories!

  2. I will always and forever have a soft spot for Brown - love him!