Sunday, June 26, 2011

easy like sunday morning

lionel richie & the commodores obviously didn't have the wheeler house in mind when writing the song "easy" (like a sunday morning). nothing easy going on over here. it's not even 9a...and, here's what i have been dealing with:
6:45a - brown wakes me up with an electric wine opener & an empty bottle of wine. he wants to know how to use the opener & then screams/cries for an hour because the already opened bottle of wine cannot be opened with the opener.
8:30a - mary frances is crying in her bed. i go to check on her. brown is feeding her GUMBALLS.
8:45a - sayers is screaming from his room. i find him, naked & stranded on the top bunk trying to touch the ceiling fan.
8:50a - brown is fist pumping emma's itty bitty baby american doll against the window in our dining room.

calgon...take me away!!!!

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