Wednesday, June 22, 2011

and, this is why i don't have time to shave my legs...

you probably can't tell from this picture...but, my leg hairs are each... like 1 inch long.
and this is why....

i have to supervise naked baby wrestling

i have to referee tinkle diaper tag. that's right. brown & sayers were humming these wet/tinkle diapers at each other this morning.

and, i have to figure out where all of these clothes go once brown disrobes

and, all before 11a!! hopefully i will get these legs shaved before i start looking like a hairy ape.

on another note, sayersie did a little crowd control this morning to his new favorite song, "party rock" by LMFAO...
could this car look anymore dysfunctional? mf looks like she is sitting in a carseat made out of popsicle sticks, sayers = no seat belt??!!! and, brown...i think he is wearing sunglasses & probably playing car games with the car behind us. i am not proud of this (the fact that they are taking their seatbelts off...because it just means another trip back to the cemetery to show them where children who don't wear seatbelts go)...NOR do i think it is funny...but, it's my life!!! a crazy clown car!!!!

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