Sunday, June 12, 2011

meet brown...

brownie. bruno. brunhilda.

brown = mischief. think dennis the mennace. let's highlight some of his incidents...train wheels stuck in his hair, 5 cell phones & 3 cameras down the toilet, and...let's not forget that he filled my gas tank up with water. he is a sweet fella, a true politician...also know as the mayor of the playground...just a LITTLE eddie haskell-ish at times. brown loves creatures...collecting doodle bugs (& sticking them up his nose)& caterpillars. and, his main obsession "weiners"..."i want a weiner birthday party with a weiner cake & weiner party favors...and, i want everyone to dress up like GIANT weiners"... i guess guys & their weiner fixations start at an early age.


  1. PLEASE make sure I am invited to that birthday party!

  2. I am sad to say that he is most definitely Andrew's nephew!