Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wicked Wednesdays

My Wednesdays are so great. I don't have any children from 9a - 2:30p. It's heaven. At 8a this morning I was already ready to get the 3 younger kids to school. We did our usual drive thru chick-fila where mommy gets her coke (sometimes MF gets her own, as well). I get my coke & pay. As I am about to drive off...Sayers yells at the guy at the window, "HEY I AM SEXY AND I KNOW IT"..........I just kind of laugh & drive off. We get to school. I am getting everyone out & I hear Sayers tell another mom, "Mary Frances is a BIMBO"...............I MEAN, REALLY??!!! Where does this kid come up with this stuff.

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