Sunday, February 19, 2012

first post of 2012

It's been a LONG time since I have blogged. But, in the words of AC/DC " I am BACK IN BLAAAACK!" Everyone at our house has a name for their bottom. Emma - Stop talking about my bottom - bottom, Brown - Hamburger buns bottom, Sayers -Sloppy Joe bottom (oh so fitting), Mary Frances - Pink Piglet Bottom. I need to figure out a pole to name my bottom & Ford's. Will work on that next....I am sure it will have something to do with my "bottom leaves"...
On another note, all of the kids are in bed with Ford right now. I have heard the following,
Ford: - "Brown, stop trying to touch my weiner. Football players DO NOT touch other people's weiners."
Sayers - (bawling hysterically): "Mommy, Mary stuck a screwdriver in my eye."
Ford - "Are y'all gonna let Mary Frances date anyone?"
Sayers - "Where are my balls?"
I promise to be a better blogger!!! I am trying to get ELLEN DEGENERES to follow me!!!!!


  1. Ha Ford's comment to Brown about football players made me laugh out loud! Welcome back!

  2. Ha! Was going to say the exact same thing as Amanda!